Moving to the Future: What Every Business Needs To Know About Google Analytics 4

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With Google's impending transition to the new GA4 platform, business owners have an important decision ahead of them. Get a jump start on migration before July 1st 2023 and gain access to more data - or risk being left behind. Migrating to Google Analytics 4 can take between 10 hours and 6 months. The sooner you can get GA4 up and running, the more historical data you’ll have when UA sunsets.

Universal Analytics vs. Google Analytics 4

GA4 is changing the game for efficient and secure customer tracking, while respecting user privacy. This upgrade gives you "super powers" to better understand your customer's behavior with  with insights never before seen in other analytics tools

Let's look at few enhancements that come with migrating to Google Analytics 4:

1. Privacy - Google has created a phenomenal solution to cookie-restricted measurement and it's included in Google Analytics 4 (GA4).

2. Cross-Device Tracking - GA4 is built on Firebase, allowing it to merge data collected on multiple devices like a boss!

3. Flexibility - Seamless integrations with the Google Cloud Platform and other micro-services like Google Ads. GA4 makes it possible for Google's advertising products to share conversion, cost, and audience data with one another.

Migrating to GA4 might sound daunting, but it doesn't have to be!

If you're already using Google Tag Manager, you're halfway there. No GTM? We've got your back – we'll make sure all of your existing data collection works seamlessly with GA4's new setup. This transition is the perfect opportunity to take a step back and review your current analytics tracking habits - we'll make sure that any new setup gives you even better data than before!

What will happen if I don't migrate to GA4 now?

If you don’t make the switch to GA4, you will miss out on everything it has to offer. Also, the data in GA4 is not retroactive. This means that the longer you delay the inevitable, the longer you’ll have to wait for the year-over-year comparisons.

Get Started with Google Analytics 4 (GA4)

Our team of experts will audit your existing Google Tag Manager and Universal Analytics properties to determine what data will be essential to continue tracking in GA4 and which tags, triggers, and variables need to be added to GTM.

Once we have a clear picture of the existing Google Analytics and Tag Manager setup, we can begin mapping the ideal setup for your business in GA4.

This is where we get our hands dirty and make the magic happen!

We'll set up new GTM container(s) and GA4 properties. Next, we'll configure these to include relevant data streams based and we'll create custom audiences for marketing campaigns. Pfaff Digital will also test and debug all new tracking to make sure that everything is firing properly.

The clock is ticking... What's your plan?

Let us help you complete your migration to GA4, so that you can start seeing trends and get "super power" insights to drive revenue.

All you need to do is give us your account access, outline your top priorities, and let us do the rest of the work.

Schedule a call with Pfaff Digital's Analytics Team to learn how we can help you with your GA4 migration.